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Frollo is leading the charge in Open Banking in Australia. Leverage our experience to gain a competitive advantage.
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Open Banking solutions

Frollo was the first to go live with Consumer Data Right (CDR) in Australia and is leading the charge in building Open Banking technology.

Use our Data Recipient solutions to reduce the cost and time to become an Accredited Data Recipient and leverage our technology to make the most of Open Banking data.


PRD Portal

A simple, future proof way to comply with Product Reference Data regulations, plus a real-time competitor landscape analysis.

CDR Gateway

Save time and reduce cost by using our proven technology to manage consent and collect CDR data.

Income & Expense

Streamline your lending process, reduce cost and improve Time To Yes by using realtime Open Banking data for loan applications.

Open Banking powered PFM features

Supercharge your personal finance management tool with real time data, meaningful categorisation and smart insights.

Find out how

Your ideas, our technology. Talk to us about how to bring the power of Open Banking to your business.

Why work with us?

Proven solution

As the first FinTech ADR in Australia, we have a proven Data Recipient solution using all CDR API’s available. 

Leading the charge

We were the first to go live with Open Banking for consumers when it launched on 1 July 2020, and we’re continuously developing new use cases to bring the benefits of Open Banking to consumers and businesses.


As one of only a few FinTechs selected to participate in the Open Banking trial, we’ve helped build and test the Open Banking infrastructure in Australia. As part of our ADR accreditation and consumer app implementation we’ve completed extensive testing with several big banks.

Who we work with

We’re helping neobanks, traditional banks, Fintechs, lenders and employers get ahead with our B2B solutions.

Open Banking timeline

Open Banking is coming, and it’s something to be excited about! Frollo will be one of the first to launch for consumers in July 2020, and we’re getting a lot of interest from traditional banks, neobanks, fintechs and lenders who want to succeed in an Open Banking world.

Get in touch to find out how you can leverage our experience to gain a competitive advantage with Open Banking

Go Live Big 4 Banks

Controlled consumer numbers

Frollo Go-live

July, 2020

Non-Major ADIs

Product data: Phase 1, 2 & 3

Oct 1, 2020

Big 4 Banks

Joint Accounts & Concurrent Consent

Phase 2 Products: Mortgages, personal Loans & Direct Debit

Nov 1, 2020

Big 4 Banks

Phase 3 Products: Business Accounts, Line of Credit, Overdraft

Feb 1, 2021

Non-Major ADIs Accredited Fintechs

Non-Major & Accredited Fintechs direct to Consumers Feb 2022

July 1, 2021

Frollo PRD portal

Our Product Reference Data API portal is a simple and future proof way for Data Holders to comply with Product Reference Data regulations for Open Banking. lus it includes a real-time competitor landscape analysis.


We have quite a few


With more than 100,000+ users signed up to our award-winning app, we’re getting more-and-more interest from neobanks, traditional banks, FinTechs and lenders who want to get ahead in an Open Banking world.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve the financial wellbeing of your customers.

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Our API Driven Platform


One API to create a single customer view

Transaction enrichment

Turn transaction data into insights using AI


Personalised and actionable financial insights

Financial wellbeing score

One simple score and steps to turn finances around


Smart budgeting with powerful data visualisation

People like you

Powerful community-driven insights for users

Goals & challenges

Improve financial wellbeing by tracking progress

Bill tracker

Help users stay on track of regular payments

Targeted offers

Better outcomes with more relevant offers for users

Journey builder

Build personalised, omnichannel user journeys

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