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Our purpose is to help people feel good about money. More specifically, we’re going to improve the financial wellbeing of at least 20% of the Australian population by 2026.

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Life at Frollo

Life at Frollo is about bringing your total self to work, to share your opinions, feeling comfortable to voice them and knowing they will be respected.

It matters to us that each day, we come to work with curiosity, drive and a sense of purpose. To help you achieve your potential, we offer flexible working conditions, snacks, fun team events and an incredible forward-thinking culture.

Life at Frollo is about living and breathing our values because that’s how we are going to improve the financial wellbeing of 20% of the Australian population.

Centrally located office

with idyllic views of Sydney Harbour

Flexible first

policy to suit everyone’s needs

Employee Assistance Program

to ensure the wellbeing of our team

Team events and activities

that bring us all together

Our values

At Frollo we live by a set of values. These values guide how we work together, how we develop our products and how we run our business.

We are bold and ambitious

How do we live this?

Our goal is to improve the financial wellbeing of 5 Million Australians by 2026. We understand the opportunity that’s in front of us, to effect real change and have a positive impact. This mindset helps us think outside the box, be creative and come up with new ideas.

What doesn’t work here?

A mediocre mentality. We have lots to fix and lots we need to be doing better – that’s ok! We are on a journey. Part of that journey is growing, maturing and building on the foundation we have in place. A mediocre mentality is being happy if it works. A growth mentality is demonstrating a constant curiosity as to how we can do it better.

Frollo Values - We are bold and ambitious
Frollo values - We are one team

We are one team

How do we live this?

We win together, we lose together. As a team we share a set of goals that we’re working towards, and we focus on the projects and tasks that will help us achieve those. We help each other where we can and we make hard decisions together about the work we’re not going to do.

What doesn’t work here?

Ours is a collaborative and inclusive culture, so leave your ego at the door. Do you believe that your ideas have more value than your colleague’s ideas? If so, this might not be for you.

We Invent

How do we live this?

Most of the things we do, haven’t been done before. We have always carved out our own path, and the solutions we create have to be equally unique. Continuing to be inventive will be the only way we keep our momentum moving forward.

What doesn’t work here?

If you find comfort in following the market leader and making iterative improvements, there are many places to do that. But we’re leading the charge, building new experiences and breaking new ground. We’re looking for team members who can help us leap forward by inventing the future.

Frollo values - We Invent
Frollo values - We care

We care

How do we live this?

We consider the impact of our actions, for our colleagues, our clients, the environment and the community. We care about doing the right thing, and about doing things right. We care deeply about the growth and success of our team and having a positive impact on people’s lives through our solutions.

What doesn’t work here?

Pursuing financial gains at all cost is not part of our DNA, and it will never be. We’re selective about who we work with, to ensure we deliver on our mission. When building and delivering products for clients, we don’t half-ass it, nor do we deliver products that are below our own high standards.

Jobs at Frollo

What to expect from the recruitment process?

Talent Acquisition Intro's

Our talent team looks to understand how your past experience and knowledge match with the needs of the role and how your personal values align with ours. 

Functional Deep-dive

You will either be asked to talk about a previous work example, or dive into a challenge completed by you before the meeting. Stage 2 will also include a series of behavioural and situational scenarios to understand how you think and work best.

Leadership & Values

Leadership is situational, not a title. We want all of our team to think and act as leaders and display leadership qualities when the need arises. We’re looking to find out whether you reflect our values and will help us move towards our mission and purpose.

Optional Founder Meet & Greet

We’d like you to meet our Founder & CEO, Gareth Gumbley. Ask him anything about the business, where we came from and where we’re going. In some cases this happens during the interview process, otherwise you’ll meet him during your onboarding.

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