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Here you’ll find a collection of blogs, reports, media and other reference materials to help you learn more about Frollo and Open Banking.

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Case studies

Frollo in the media

Inside the quiet banking revolution that starts today

REA Group links up with Frollo for Financial Passport

Volt partners with Frollo to create new banking app

Open Banking 'tipping point' for broker channel

Frollo Product sheets

We have published a number of in-depth product sheets to help you learn more about how Frollo can assist you in delivering better customer outcomes with Open Banking.

CDR Gateway

Use our market leading Open Banking platform to power new, innovative customer experiences.

Data Holder Testing

Work with Australia’s most experienced CDR Data Holder tester to save time and money, with the confidence your testing will be done to the highest standards.

Open Banking​

Make better product and marketing decisions with a comprehensive and up to date overview of financial products in Australia, powered by Open Banking.​

Financial Passport

A real-time customer financial profile to streamline lending decisions and customer onboarding, powered by Open Banking.

Money Management Platform

Help your customers turn around their finances by providing them with a market leading Personal Finance Management solution.

Product Reference Data Solution

A simple, future proof way to comply with PRD regulations, plus a real-time competitive landscape analysis based on Australian Product Reference Data.

Data Enrichment API

Truly understand where money is going by turning transaction data into insights

Additional resources

As a leader in Open Banking in Australia, Frollo has published a number of reports, explainers, checklists and infographics to help grow the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

You’ll find a selection of these resources below.

The state of Open Banking 2023

A report which takes a pulse check of the industry and the opportunities it presents for banks, fintechs, brokers and lenders.

Open Banking - the consumer perspective

Open Banking - The Consumer perspective

A report which uncovers Australians’ interest in, and concerns with Open Banking powered products and services

The state of Open Banking in 2021

An overview of challenges and opportunities in Open Banking, based on surveys and interviews.

The definitive guide to tiered accreditation

The definitive guide to CDR access models

An overview of the new CDR access models and what they mean for businesses who want to use Open Banking data.

Trust and the future of consumer lending​

A report on innovations in PFM, Payments and Open Banking

Open Banking API performance monitor

Compare API performance by brand for speed and reliability

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