Security policy

At Frollo, we take your security seriously. We’re ISO27001 certified and are the first FinTech in Australia to become an Accredited Data Recipient under ACCC Open Banking regulations. We operate and comply with many bank sector security requirements as governed by the APRA.

The Frollo app

The Frollo app is a smart, bank-grade secure application. It has been developed in conjunction with Yodlee so we can retrieve your financial transaction information and present this information back to you in much greater detail than in your banking app.

It is important to note:

  • no bank information is stored on your phone or computer;
  • Frollo cannot make any changes to your financial accounts;
  • Frollo cannot approve payments of fund transfers;
  • we have already processed hundreds of millions of dollars of transaction data securely;
  • security checks are constantly carried out

No account information is stored by Frollo

We have partnered with Yodlee, a global leader in the secure hosting and encryption of financial data that uses bank-grade security and data encryption services. Yodlee is used by many major international banks and trusted by over 70 million users worldwide.

Remember, your financial account information is secured in its own private vault and is not accessible by Frollo or Yodlee without your approval.

How does Frollo access my financial information?

To help you turn your finances around, we collect and analyse your financial data and we only do this with your approval. Our analysis of your data allows us to provide you with tools and recommend strategies to improve your financial wellbeing. We are not able to initiate transactions on your accounts and have no need to do so.

Our bank data partner Yodlee uses bank login information to access your account and collect your data for us to analyse. Bank information is encrypted using bank grade encryption protocols.