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Our end-to-end Open Banking platform helps you collect and use Open Banking data to drive better outcomes for you and your customers.

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    Build with confidence

    Reliably access high quality financial data and insights for any use case.
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    Transform your business

    Use financial data to streamline, personalise and transform products and services across your business.
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    Empower your customers

    Let your customers use their financial data to get a better, richer customer experience.
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Empower your business with Open Banking data

Deliver better outcomes for you and your customers with Australia’s leading Open Banking platform.

Empower your business with Open Banking data

Deliver better outcomes for you and your customers with Australia’s leading Open Banking platform.

  • A complete solution
    One platform to seamlessly collect, enrich and use CDR data in multiple use cases across your business.
  • Proven and reliable
    Australia’s leading Open Banking platform, providing reliable access to CDR data since 2020.
  • Versatile
    Design and configure the optimal customer experience for each of your use cases.
  • Impactful
    Built to deliver better outcomes for you and your customers.

Comply and compete with Open Banking


Open Banking provides an exciting opportunity to streamline and personalise your products and services.

Frollo’s Open Banking platform provides you with a complete toolset to use CDR data and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Our CDR Gateway sets the standard in consent management and CDR data collection, with complete configurability, high reliability and advanced reporting features.

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  • Our Data Enrichment engine turns raw CDR data into insights with market-leading accuracy. Transaction categorisation, merchant identification, bill tracking, income verification and much more.

  • Streamline your lending decisions with our Financial Passport; a complete, real-time financial profile of your customers.

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  • Enrich your customer experience with powerful money management features and financial insights, driving engagement and value-add opportunities.

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Open Banking - Compete

For many financial institutions, Open Banking starts with a need to comply. As a Data Holder you need to publish Product Reference Data and enable your customers to share their own financial data.

As Australia’s most experienced Data Recipient, Frollo can make Data Holder compliance a lot easier and more efficient.

  • Our Data Holder testing platform provides the tools to confidently test all parts of the CDR specifications, across UAT and production. Automation and expert support ensure efficient and comprehensive testing, whenever you need.

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  • Our PRD Portal turns your obligation to publish Product Reference Data into an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Save time managing product data and keep an analyse competitor products in our competitive insights tool.

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Open Banking - Comply

About Open Banking in Australia

  • What is Open Banking
    What is Open Banking?

    Banking was the first sector to launch as part of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) on 1 July 2020. Just as in the UK and other countries, in Australia, this is commonly referred to as Open Banking.

    The Consumer Data Right (CDR) puts consumers in control of their data, by giving them the right to share their data between service providers of their choosing. More than 100 banks currently make it possible for their customers to share financial data with third-party providers.

  • A phased CDR roll-out
    A phased roll-out

    In the first few years after Open Banking launched, a lot of work was done to make all of the banks (Data Holders) and their products available for consumers; as part of a phased roll-out, the Big Four banks were the first to enable data-sharing for their customers in 2020.

    At launch, Regional Australia Bank and Frollo were the two companies that were accredited to receive Open Banking data. Regional Australia Bank allowed customers to use it for streamlining lending applications, and Frollo used Open Banking in its money management app.

  • Data Holder Testing platform - USPs
    Control over your data

    Open Banking will ultimately give consumers more control over their banking data and how it is used. It enables them to safely share banking data with trusted third parties such as banks, fintechs and mortgage brokers, helping to significantly streamline many processes where financial data is required.

    In short, Open Banking offers greater transparency for consumers, making it easier for them to manage their finances and get better deals – while also driving more opportunities for innovation and competition across the finance sector.

    Read more by downloading the State of Open Banking 2024

What are some of the use cases for Open Banking?

There are many different use cases for the real-time, rich and accurate financial data Open Banking provides. These are just a few of the use cases the Frollo Open Banking platform supports.
  • Lending
    A quick and reliable way to get the financial data required to make credit decisons.
  • Money management
    Show a customer all their finances in one place, provide them with insights and the tools to improve.
  • Onboarding
    Streamline customer onboarding with bank verified data in the application process.
  • Financial Advice
    Quickly get an up-to-date financial profile that can be used for financial advice and strategy reviews.
  • Multi-banking
    Show your customer all their finances in your banking app, and get insights into financial behaviour and share-of-wallet.
  • Payments
    Streamline payments and reduce costs by verifying account details through Open Banking.
  • Next best product
    Get customers a better deal on their finances by analysing their financial products and behaviour.
  • Financial hardship
    Take some of the admin out of financial hardship applications by quickly checking your customer’s finances using Open Banking.
  • Identifying vulnerable customers
    Find and proactively reach out to vulnerable customers to prevent them from getting into financial hardship.

What data is available via Open Banking?

CDR roll-out timeline September 2023

What data is available via Open Banking?

When Open Banking launched, only the Big Four banks had to enable their customers to share data. Now, more than 100 financial institutions (Data Holders) let their customers share data, providing more than 99% coverage of household deposits.

Australia’s Open Banking regime is unique in the depth and breadth of data that’s available. Data Holders share data from more than 30 different financial products, including savings accounts, mortgages, business banking accounts and credit cards. This data isn’t limited to just the transactions either; it includes things like rates, fees and product information to enable easy product comparisons and financial advice.

As the Consumer Data Right is continuing to expand, Open Energy and Open Finance will bring different products and providers into the system.

Learn more about the Open Banking and CDR roll-out in the State of Open Banking 2024.

Can I rely on Open Banking to build products and services?

Open Banking API performance - Q4 2021 - Q3 2023

Can I rely on Open Banking to build products and services?

Fast and reliable access to financial customer data is crucial for many Open Banking use cases. Unfortunately, it’s hard for businesses to check API performance before they go live. It’s why Frollo tracks and publishes API performance metrics.

As Australia’s leading Open Banking intermediary, Frollo is in a unique position to measure performance for all live Data Holders.

Overall, Australian Open Banking APIs are fast and reliable. They deliver data in close to a second, with more than 99% reliability.

Find out more about performance and reliability from our Open Banking API performance tracker.

What kind of accreditation does a business need for Open Banking?

Growth in number of CDR Representatives and ADRs

What kind of accreditation does a business need for Open Banking?

There are a few different ways for a business to offer Open Banking powered experiences to their customers. In addition to ‘Unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient (ADR)’, there are five more CDR access models a business could utilise to access Open Banking data. Which of these is best for your business depends on your use case, your organisation and how strategic Open Banking data is for you.

The six CDR access models are:

  • Unrestricted ADR
  • Sponsorship model
  • Representative model
  • Collecting Outsourced Service Providers (COSP)
  • Trusted adviser
  • CDR insights

In some cases, you might not need accreditation at all. New rules for business consumers make it easier for them to share their data with partners who aren’t accredited.

Download our free Definitive Guide to CDR access models to learn more about the different models and find out what’s right for you.

Where can consumers use Open Banking?

There are many different use cases for the real-time, rich and accurate financial data Open Banking provides. These are just a few of the use cases the Frollo Open Banking platform supports.
  • The Frollo consumer app
    A free money management app, providing users with a real-time overview of their finances, insights and the tools to improve
  • AMP Advice
    The AMP Money Management Service uses Open Banking to help practices streamline the advice process and provide ongoing additional value to their clients.
  • Beyond Bank+ app
    In the Beyond Bank+ app, customers can see all of their finances in one place and access powerful financial well-being tools.
  • Mymo by P&N Bank
    Mymo is P&N Bank’s financial empowerment app. It provides customers with a complete view of their finances and the tools to improve their financial well-being.

You can find more Open Banking use cases in the State of Open Banking 2024.

Empowering Better Banking

We believe in the power of Open Banking to make things better: more accessible, more transparent, and more efficient. Frollo is helping Australia bank smarter, not harder.

Our mission is to empower the financial sector with the Open Banking tools and tech it needs to make the move to a world of better, more open, banking. In this world, customers can share their data freely and securely, positively impacting everyone along the way.

We are

  • Australia's leading Open Banking provider
    We’ve been empowering banks, lenders, brokers and financial advisers with Open Data since 2020.
  • Delivering business outcomes
    Our technology helps clients save time, reduce costs, lower risks and improve customer love.
  • Making finance better for all
    Our technology makes life better for the millions of Australians our clients serve.
Open Banking platfrom testimonial
"By partnering with a trusted organisation like Frollo, we can deliver an open banking solution that ensures customers can safely and importantly securely share and manage their data and information."
Chris Malcolm
General Manager Data & Open Banking
P&N Group
"Open Banking means we can become much more innovative in the services we deliver to our brokers. It also means that we can provide decisions and opportunities for customers quicker."
Simon Bednar
"Frollo’s technology streamlines the advice process and provides more opportunities for advisers to help their clients."
Matt Lawler
Managing Director
AMP Advice