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Money Management Platform

Increase loyalty and financial wellbeing through a personalised customer experience.

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    Increase customer loyalty

    Drive engagement and retention with a rich, personalised customer experience.
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    Improve financial wellbeing

    Provide customers with an impactful money management experience to help them achieve their goals.
  • Grow share of wallet

    Segment, target and pesonalise messaging to increase conversion and grow your share of wallet.
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Empowering you and your customers

Frollo’s Money Management Platform turns financial data into insights, and empowers you and your customers with the tools to achieve your goals. Our platform runs on core banking and Open Banking data, to provide a complete, seamless and engaging experience.
Money Management platform - USPs
  • Impactful
    Proven to reduce debt, increase savings and reduce financial stress.
  • Smart and insightful
    Market-leading categorisation, bill detection and smart financial insights.
  • Modular and configurable
    Take our APIs or whitelabel app. Build your own customer experience, or leverage ours.
  • Hyper-personal
    Target and personalise messages based on financial behaviour and profiles.

The tools to leverage Open Data for customer engagement

The Frollo Money Management Platform provides a complete toolset for enriching your customer experience with Open Data and drive engagement. From impactful features and insights for your customers, to powerful targeting and personalisation tools for your team.

  • Integrate powerful features and insights into your own app or website with our Money Management APIs.

  • Our partner app enables you to quickly launch your own, branded version of the Frollo money management app. Make it yours by customising colours, copy and features.

  • More than 70 pre-packaged financial insights and the ability to create your own – from credit card fee insights and rate changes, to irregular transactions and insufficient funds alerts.

  • Our Partner Portal lets you analyse and report on performance and customer insights. It provides you with the tools to target and personalise messages to users based on financial behaviour and profiles.

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Empowering Better Banking

We believe in the power of Open Banking to make things better: more accessible, more transparent, and more efficient. Frollo is helping Australia bank smarter, not harder.

Our mission is to empower the financial sector with the Open Banking tools and tech it needs to make the move to a world of better, more open, banking. In this world, customers can share their data freely and securely, positively impacting everyone along the way.

We are

  • Australia's leading Open Banking provider
    We’ve been empowering banks, lenders, brokers and financial advisers with Open Data since 2020.
  • Delivering business outcomes
    Our technology helps clients save time, reduce costs, lower risks and improve customer love.
  • Making finance better for all
    Our technology makes life better for the millions of Australians our clients serve.
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"We're thrilled to be partnering with Frollo to provide our customers with actionable insights on their spending and savings habits, to help them take control of their financial wellbeing in an engaging and rewarding way.”
Greg Boyle
Virgin Money Australia
Helping our customers in every way we can to make better money decisions is the driving force behind the launch of our app. We are thrilled to now be working with Frollo and are excited about the opportunities this first foray into PFM solutions signals for Canstar customers.
Sara Tweedly
Group Executive, Digital and Marketing
“We're now starting to see that rich data in terms of where our customers have other relationships.”
Chris Malcolm
General Manager Data & Open Banking
P&N Group