Open Banking API performance

On this page you can find API performance of Open Banking data holders (speed and reliability) based on data from Australia’s most experienced CDR intermediary.

Open Banking API performance

Tracking Open Banking reliability and speed

A Data Recipient connects to a number of different APIs when collecting CDR data from a Data Holder. The faster these APIs reliably deliver the data, the better the user experience.

With over 150 Million Open Banking API calls in production to date, Frollo is in a unique position to track API performance for all brands that are currently live. We publish these performance metrics on this page every month.

Note: Brands are only included if they have a sufficient number of API calls to make a reasonable comparison.

Industry performance

The chart below shows the speed and reliability of all Open Banking APIs that were live on the Frollo Open Banking platform (with enough API calls) to date.

Open Banking API performance - Industry average to Q2 2023
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Performance by Data Holder

The section below shows the latest response time rankings by Data Holder, for the three most popular Open Banking APIs.

Transactions for Account API

Shows the end to end production response times for each brand as well as the average across all brands.

The Transactions for Account API enables a Data Recipient to request a list of transactions for a specific account. This can include:

Accounts API

The Accounts API provides basic information for a specific account, this can include:

Bulk balances API

The Bulk Balances API provides balances for multiple, filtered accounts.

Account details API

The account details API provides detailed account information including product information, such as:

  • Product type
  • Repayment type
  • Rate
  • Minimum instalments
  • Maximum withdrawal

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