Personal Finance Management

Help your customers turn around their finances by providing them with a market leading Personal Finance Management solution.

Personal Finance Management Platform

Market leading app

Leverage our PFM platform for a proven, impactful and innovative user experience.

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Get a branded white label or integrate our SDKs and APIs into your own app.

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Launch your app and deploy new features rapidly and with minimal effort.

Personal Finance Management Features

We've built the simplest way for people to turn around their finances, and with the Frollo Personal Finance Management platform we're enabling you to do the same for your customers.

Real-time financial overview

Provide your customers with a full, real-time overview of their finances using Open Banking and our AI powered data enrichment engine.

Financial wellbeing tools

Provide your customers with the tools to improve their financial wellbeing and achieve their financial goals.

Smart insights

AI powered smart insights to help your customers better understand their financial position and take steps to improve. For example:

Useful notifications

Regular notifications help your customers stay on top of their finances and take action when they need to. For example:

PFM Your Way

Whether you have an existing app, you’re building a new one or you’re looking for a white label solution, we’ve got you. 

Leverage the Frollo Personal Finance Management platform to speed up your development, reduce cost and provide your customers with market leading PFM features – your way.

White label PFM app

White label

Launch a market leading PFM solution in no-time. Select the features you want, apply your branding and you're good to go.

Feature set
Time to market


Integrate our Android and iOS SDKs into your app and pick the features you want to use. Customise our out of the box UI / UX or build your own.

Feature set
Time to market


Use our well-documented, powerful APIs to power the Personal Finance Management features in your app.

Feature set
Time to market

Case Studies

Australian (neo) banks, fintechs and lenders are using the Frollo PFM platform to power their apps and offer their customers innovative financial wellbeing features.  You can find a few examples below.

Virgin Money Australia

Using Frollo PFM APIs to power their digital bank app.

Virgin Money logo black white


Virgin Money has launching a new digital bank in 2021 and was looking to differentiate by integrating innovative digital money management and financial wellbeing features in their app.

All of this within a compressed time frame.


Virgin Money will be utilising the Frollo SaaS Integration Platform for transaction enrichment, AI driven categorisation, spend breakdown & insights, goal setting, bill tracking and budgeting to provide their customers with a market-leading mobile banking experience.
They’re able to rapidly deploy by using the proven and well documented Frollo APIs.

Virgin Money Australia - PFM features

Canstar PFM app

Providing financial wellbeing tools to their customers using a Frollo white label app.


Canstar identified Personal Finance Management and Open Banking in particular, as an exciting opportunity to further help customers to make better money decisions.

They were looking for a partner who could help them quickly launch an app with market leading PFM features and integrated Canstar offers, to start learning from customer behaviour before launching Open Banking functionality.


Using the Frollo PFM platform, Canstar has been able to build their own PFM app in less than 8 weeks, launching with an impressive feature set including spend tracking, AI-powered insights, bill tracking, budgeting, goals and Canstar offers.
Frollo-Canstar PFM app

Frollo B2C app

The simplest way for people to turn around their finances.


We’re on a quest to help people feel good about money. Help them reduce their debt, increase their savings and reduce their financial stress.


We’ve built the simplest way for people to turn around their finances. Through the use of Open Banking data, AI and powerful PFM tools the Frollo B2C app has a real, positive impact on the financial wellbeing of our users.

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Who we are

Frollo is a purpose-driven Australian FinTech on a quest to help people feel good about money. We’ve built the simplest way to help people get their finances on track – and through our business ecosystem, we’re supporting our enterprise clients to do the same for their customers.


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