Nuapay - Revolution in Open Banking


For both you and your customers

Nuapay is recreating a more wholesome relationship for the end user with financial institutions, bringing together the latest innovations in Open Banking, Personal Finance Management and Payments.

The industry redefining Nuapay product is a complete, customisable solution to streamline, enhance and personalise the entire user journey for fast growth neo-lenders and neo-banks. 

Instant Yes, Instant Cash

Using Open Banking data and EML virtual prepaid cards, the process to approve and disburse a loan is reduced from days to just minutes!

Money Management

A market-leading banking app, including Personal Finance Management features

Emergency buffer

The ability to quickly go back and turn a transaction into an instalment loan (not dissimilar to a retro-BNPL)

Spend controls

Use of AI transaction categorisation to control spend in real time and place budget caps for specific money budgets

key benefits


Helping you build trust with your customers is at the heart of this partnership.

Keep end-users’ money safe and accessible instantly

Keep data safe and secure with our bank grade platform

 Provide instant feedback on decisions and put your end users in the drivers seat

— Innovate quickly and easily to create a better customer experience

— Personalise the experience throughout the lifecycle with proactive engagement using data 

Speed & Cost savings

— By utilising Open Banking data and a card for issuing the loan amount, the entire application process is accelerated from days to only a few minutes – removing the costly and highly manual human-led checks that exist in today’s traditional processes.

— The instant approval process increases conversion rates and minimises application abandonment.

— Access to the full suite of NuaPay products via one platform has eliminated the clients’ need to incur costly and time-consuming tech-builds or manage multiple integrations.

Optimised risk management

Throughout the customer journey, clients optimise their risk performance:

— An altogether more accurate assessment of the financial situation of the individual applicant.

— Dynamic in-life monitoring of the users’ financial status, with the ability to proactively provide personalised financial solutions.

— Help customers with financial wellness by using Open Banking data, AI and the unique combination of NuaPay smart money and spending tools, which goes beyond even today’s regulatory requirements for an optimised outcome

Nuapay - client benefits

Customer outcomes


The Nuapay product removes friction from the application process, delivering an instant decision and instant access to the loaned money if approved.

The ease, speed and transparency that can be adopted in the application process take the user experience to the next level by placing the end-user in the driving seat of their financial destiny.

Improved financial wellbeing

The combination of more accurate credit decisions, powerful financial wellbeing tools and instant access to emergency buffers ultimately helps the end-user with financial literacy and better financial outcomes.

Nuapay product sheet

To learn more about the Nuapay solution, download the product sheet below.

By integrating market-leading Open Banking, payments, and Personal Finance Management features into a fully customisable solution, Nuapay offers lenders and FinTechs a simple way to take their customer experience to the next level.

Gareth Gumbley, Founder & CEO (Frollo)
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