Financial Passport

The Frollo Financial Passport is a real-time customer financial profile to streamline lending decisions and customer onboarding, powered by Open Banking.

Frollo Financial Passport


Get an accurate, verified assessment in minutes instead of days, reducing paperwork and handling.

Frollo financial passort - Accuracy


The Frollo AI engine delivers a market- leading categorisation accuracy to power your lending decisions.

Customer experience

Offer your customers a streamlined data sharing experience that puts them in control.

Open banking powered credit decisions


The challenge

Speed and quality of data are key to minimising cost and default risk in lending. Yet, collecting and verifying financial information is challenging for consumers and lenders / brokers.

The solution

The Frollo Financial Passport uses Open Banking to provide a real-time, complete and accurate picture of your customers’ finances. Customers safely and securely link their financial accounts in a few steps to instantly generate an Income & Expense report that’s mapped to your lending criteria.

Key features

complete financial picture

Complete financial picture

A full overview of income, expenses, assets and liabilities

digital experience with an export feature

Digital experience with an export feature

Auto-populated data points that match any broker workflow, with the ability to export the raw data in a PDF or Excel format

Custom categories and calculations

Custom categories and calculations

Group spend categories and customise calculations to match your credit decision metrics

Multi data source

Market leading accuracy - whether you use Open Banking, Electronic Data Capture or both

Frollo Financial passport

How it works

Frollo Financial passport - how it works


Customer connects their accounts using Open Banking or screen scraping

Enrich & analyse

The Frollo AI engine categorises, enriches and analyses the data, then maps categories to your lending criteria

Financial passport

You’ll instantly receive a full, in depth financial profile of your customer to help you make faster, better lending decisions

Have it your way

Financial Passport PDF

Receive your customers’ full financial profile as a clear and easy to understand PDF.

Financial Passport API

Use Financial Passport data directly into your existing risk models or lending experience.

Financial Passport use cases

The Frollo Financial Passport is a flexible, customisable solution for using real-time financial information to power your customer journey. How will you use it?

Affordability checks

Streamline the lending process and comply with responsible lending regulations by using an accurate, up to date financial profile to inform your credit decisions

  • Lenders
  • Banks
  • Fintechs

Frollo Financial Passport - affordability checks

Fact finding

Spend your time having an informed conversation with your customers and avoid line by line manual assessments.

  • Brokers
  • Wealth managers
  • Financial advisers
Frollo Financial Passport - fact finding
Frollo Financial passport

Financial Passport product sheet

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