Data Holder Testing

Work with Australia’s most experienced CDR Data Holder tester to save time and money, with the confidence your testing will be done to the highest standards.
CDR Data Holder testing

Why use Frollo

Deep expertise

We’re the most experienced CDR Data Holder tester in Australia, having tested with all Big Four banks extensively over the last 12 months.

Our engineers deeply understand the technology and errors that might come up, and know how to triage them.

They have in depth knowledge about the test cases published by the ACCC and the issues that have occurred in the production environment, both in the lead up to and post launch of the CDR ecosystem in July 2020.

Proven and powerful technology

Our technology has successfully tested and helped triage hundreds of Data Holder scenarios with Big Four banks. All of these scenarios have been codified for efficient testing and reporting.

We have a mock ADR and a mock Registry, as well as codified testing tools. Our tools have now been upgraded to be compliant with CDR phase 2 products, security, consent and banking APIs.

Testing done right

We’ll help you formulate a test approach that suits your individual circumstances, choosing scenarios from a list of hundreds of available tests.

Our engineers will run these tests, help you triage errors and collect the evidence for you.

Key Benefits


With our deep experience and proven technology we ensure your testing is done to the highest standards.


We’ve codified 100’s of test scenarios in our testing technology, our engineers are experienced at triaging issues.


Our approach saves time and money through automation and experience.

Piece of mind

We manage the process for you end to end, so you know your testing is done right.

Who we work with

We’re helping neobanks, traditional banks, Fintechs, lenders and employers get ahead of the competition with our Open Banking, Personal Finance Management and lending solutions.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you improve the financial wellbeing of your customers.

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Consumer Data Right Resources

As a leader in Open Banking in Australia, Frollo has published a number of reports, explainers, checklists and infographics to help grow the Consumer Data Right ecosystem.

You’ll find a selection of these resources below.

The state of Open Banking in Australia

An overview of challenges and opportunities in Open Banking, based on surveys and interviews.

Whitepaper: CDR the Gamechanger

What is the Consumer Data Right and what does it mean for businesses and consumers?

The Frollo ADR checklist

An easy overview of what to do and think about when applying to become an ADR.

Open Banking and financial wellbeing

Our Founder & CEO Gareth Gumbley speaks about how Open Banking can help improve financial wellbeing.

5 questions about Data Holder Testing

Our CIO Tony Thrassis answers the five most frequently asked questions about Data Holder Testing.

Infographic: The state of Open Banking in Australia

Infographic highlighting the key insights from our 2020 report on the State of Open Banking.

Data Holder testing product sheet

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