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Comprehensive, automated Data Holder testing with the support of Australia’s most experienced Open Banking provider

Frollo Data Holder Testing

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Thorough testing to ensure Data Holder compliance

Frollo Data Holder testing is a full service solution combining best in market technology and codified scenarios with deep testing experience.


Our automated testing suite is the most advanced, comprehensive and reliable toolset on the market.


More than 300 test scenarios with detailed reporting, on demand in staging, UAT and production.

Real world testing

The only Data Holder testing solution that includes real world user experience testing, through our PFM app.

Peace of mind

Know that you’re supported by the most experienced Data Holder testers in Australia.


As a Data Holder, you must comply with Consumer Data Right regulations to enable consumers to share their financial data with third parties. Regular technology updates and changes to legislation make this an ongoing task.

Due to the nature of CDR, standard testing tools need aren’t sufficient. CDR compliance testing requires:

Hundreds of specific test cases

Useful testing data in a mock bank

Consent flows

Registry services

Furthermore, understanding the CDS standards and errors requires specialist CDR skills.

While some businesses can help you test the basics, this often falls short of the mark. An essential element often missing is Production Verification capability, as accreditation is required to use production data.


Since early 2020, Frollo has engaged in extensive Data Holder testing programs with a range of Big Four banks, Tier 2 banks and mutuals, covering a range of Data Holder solutions. As a result, we’ve built Australia’s most advanced, automated, efficient Data Holder testing toolset.

These tools are now available through the Frollo Data Holder testing platform.

Our automated testing platform offers you the flexibility to test your Data Holder solution whenever you need to and the peace of mind that you can always fall back on our experienced engineers for support.

The platform offers a full suite of automated tests on demand through our admin portal. In addition, we have removed the complexity of test execution and evidence gathering so you can focus on solving any issues and quickly retest.

Data Holder solution illustration
Data Holder Testing platform illustration


300+ test scenarios

More than 300 test scenarios, including negative test cases, are built into the platform to execute on demand

End-to-end solution

One platform to test all CDR products and APIs, covering all parts of the CDR specifications:

- Dynamic client registration
- Consent management
- Common API invocation
- Banking API invocation

Testing Automation

Automated test case execution with results and evidence

Production Verification Testing

Basic PVT is available in the Frollo app without the need for accreditation.

Comprehensive PVT with all tests and reporting available on the Data Holder testing platform.

Status and reporting

Status overview of tests that are currently running, plus a history of all previously run test cases with the ability to report and export on demand

High quality support

Support provided by our engineers, who have experience testing a range of Data Holders

Ongoing compliance made easy

Under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) you need to test your technology. Insufficient or low quality testing can be costly, as issues may occur during the accreditation process or after go live which will need to be fixed.

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