Data Holder Testing

Work with Australia’s most experienced Data Holder tester to save time and money, and speed up your accreditation.

Frollo Data Holder Testing

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Thorough testing to ensure Data Holder compliance

Frollo Data Holder testing is a full service solution combining best in market technology and codified scenarios with deep testing experience.


With our deep experience and proven technology, we ensure your testing is done to the highest standards.


We’ve codified 100’s of test scenarios in our testing technology and our engineers are experienced at triaging issues.


Our approach saves time and money through automation and experience.

Peace of mind

We manage the process for you end-to-end, so you know your testing is done right.

Providing a full service solution

Deep expertise

We’re the most experienced CDR Data Holder tester in Australia, having tested with all Big Four banks among many other since the launch of CDR in July 2020.

Proven and Powerful technology

Our technology has successfully tested and helped triage hundreds of Data Holder scenarios.

Testing done right

We’ll help you formulate a test approach that suits your individual circumstances, choosing scenarios from a list of hundreds of available tests.

Production Verification Testing

Production Verification Testing isn’t required to become an ‘Active’ Data Holder on the CDR Registry, but it’s an important step to ensure a good customer experience.

Use the Frollo consumer app to test your Data Holder in production:

Dynamic Client Registration

Data Holder available to whitelisted users in Frollo consumer app

Client to run test scenario’s in production

Frollo investigates issues and raises tickets on ACCC Jira

Comply with Data Holder obligations

Under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) you need to test your technology. Insufficient or low quality testing can be costly, as issues may occur during the accreditation process or after go live which will need to be fixed.

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