Stress-free Christmas Shopping tips!

Christmas time in shopping centres can often be the unhappiest time of the year with the long queues, the crowded aisles and the deafening noise. At Frollo, we want you to have the stress-free Christmas you deserve, so we’ve come up some tips to make it happen!

The sales aren’t always beneficial

Some retailers slash their prices early in December and rely on higher volumes of sales in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But for many retailers, Christmas is their main event for sales and a chance to target panicking customers willing to pay anything to fill their Christmas stockings.

Last year, many retailers lost out by dropping their prices too heavily, which in turn lead to poor first quarter sales this year.  So this year you will probably have to work harder to get the pre-Christmas bargain.  Don’t trust their self-promoted sales – shop around for the best deals.  Websites such as Shopmania, Price Hipster & ShopBot are comparative shopping services that allow you to compare the different prices of an item with different retailers.


Click-and-collect is simply the act of ordering online for a fixed price, and opting to pick the item up from a local store (if they offer it) for free or a small free. The benefit to the customer is that you get to avoid the long queues, can capitalise on online sales, have a broad variety, and you have the ability to pick up the items when and where it suits you.

Click-and-collect is a concept retailers want customers to embrace, particularly during peak times of the year, as you become one less person they have to manage in their already overfilled store on Christmas Eve.

This website has a list of retailers with link to their websites that offer click-and-collect but if you’re buying from a major outlet, chances are they already offer the service. Click-and-collect can make your Christmas shopping effortless by keeping you organised without needing to worry about paying extra for postage or your items getting lost in the post!

Shop online

Christmas shopping online has always had a stigma of being risky, with the fear of your items not showing up on time, or at all. But Christmas time is actually when retailers are most organised with their shipping. On most websites that offer online shopping, there will be a deadline date that you have to order by to get your items before Christmas.

Some retailers also offer online focused sales which can help you pick up some savings you won’t get in store. You can also score some free shipping for spending a certain amount of money on their website. Online shopping’s main benefit is that it can be done without going too far out of your way which can help keep the stress levels down this Christmas!

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