Pull-to-Refresh is live in app!

pull to refresh

We’re always developing new features for the Frollo app, some big and some small. One of those smaller – but very useful – features is Pull-to-Refresh for your account data. It’s simple, it does what it says and it’s live in the app now.

When you pull-to-refresh, a lot is happening behind the scenes, that’s why it takes a few moments for your data to fully update.  While the wheel spins, Frollo is busily checking information on your behalf with all your registered financial providers to make sure we give you an accurate and up-to-date view. 

Once completed, you’ll see your most recent transactions and get the full picture of exactly what you’ve spent and where, as well as what you have left to spend. When it comes to your finances, the more information the better, so we hope you enjoy the feature and find it helpful.

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