New: Product information in Frollo

Do you know the interest rate you’re getting on your savings account? The monthly fees you’re paying on your transaction account? Or the additional insurance you get with your credit card?

Do you know where to look for this information?

Introducing: Product information in Frollo

Getting a better deal on your finances all starts with being able to compare, and we’re now making that a bit easier by showing you the fees, interest rates and benefits of your financial products right in the Frollo app. 

Just tap your account and we’ll show you the current interest rate, monthly or yearly fee, additional insurances and more.

PRD product information in Frollo
See product information right in the Frollo app

We’re keeping this information up to date by using product information the banks provide us. Under the Consumer Data Right (CDR) they now have to publish this information in so-called APIs that make it easier for companies like Frollo to automatically show you the most up to date information. 

How do I get this?

It’s easy, just update your Frollo iOS app to the latest version and your eligible accounts* will automatically link and start showing product information.

* We’re starting with CDR linked big 4 accounts as well as Yodlee linked ING and Big 4 accounts where possible (if you’ve changed the name of your Yodlee linked account we might not be able to pick up which product it is). We currently support savings accounts, transaction accounts, credit cards and personal loans.

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