Feeling the Love this Christmas?

We know what a great time Christmas can be, but if you’re not feeling excited about the prospect, don’t panic!

At Frollo, we understand completely. Christmas can be very expensive and a lot of hard work. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry you’re not alone. According to recent research, almost 50% of Australians are feeling the same. With financial stress being the No1 reason.

With our free money management app by your side, you can get real insights into where your money goes, set and stick to a budget, get a grip on your spending, and see real results. Imagine this time next year, you could be far less stressed about your finances, well on the way to achieving your goals and generally feeling much better about your money. How great would that be?

Our last minute tip? 
If you’re stressing about your Christmas finances, why not agree with friends or family to go gift free this year? It’s not too late, you’ll avoid buying those unwanted gifts and reduce your stress levels at the same time. 

Wishing you a very merry and stress-free Christmas and may your New Year be filled with income, living, lifestyle and of course lots of savings! 

From all the team at Frollo

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