We’re launching Frollo Data Holder testing

Is your organisation implementing a new Data Holder solution for CDRTesting this technology is important, and selecting the right testing partner can save you time, money and a lot of headaches down the road.

It’s why we’re excited to announce we’re launching Frollo Data Holder testing

Frollo Data Holder testing combines a robust and proven CDR testing platform with the experience of elaborate industry testing, multi-lateral testing, production verification and the knowledge of issues that can occur in a live production environment. 

We’ll use our technology to run the testing and collect the evidence on your behalf, and help you understand and triage any errors or where your solution is divergent from the standards.

Why use Frollo’s Data Holder testing?

Frollo is Australia’s first fintech Accredited Data Recipient and we were part of the original group of 10 fintechs in the Open Banking trial. We’ve built Data Recipient technology, and helped build and test the Open Banking ecosystem with the Big Four banks.

So, why does this matter to you?

Deep expertise – We’re the most experienced Data Holder tester in Australia, having tested with all Big Four banks extensively over the last 12 months. 

Our engineers deeply understand the technology and errors that might come up, and know how to triage them.

They have in depth knowledge about the test cases published by the ACCC and the issues that have occurred in the production environment, both in the lead up to and post launch of the CDR ecosystem in July 2020

Proven and powerful technology –Our technology has successfully tested and helped triage hundreds of Data Holder scenarios with Big Four banks. All of these scenarios have been codified for efficient testing and reporting.

We have a mock ADR and a mock Registry, as well as codified testing tools. Our tools have now been upgraded to be compliant with CDR phase 2 products, security, consent and banking APIs.

Testing done right –Our experienced engineers have a full list of potential scenarios to choose from. We’ll help you formulate a test approach that suits your individual circumstances.

Our engineers then run these tests, help you triage errors and collect the evidence for you.

Learn more

Work with Australia’s most experienced CDR tester to save time and money on your Data Holder testing, while knowing your testing is done to the highest standards.

Learn more about how Frollo Data Holder testing can help your business.

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