Frollo first app to use Open Banking product information

We’re excited to share that after being the first app to launch with CDR in July 2020, we’ve achieve another Australian first by making CDR product information available to our app users.

With today’s app update, Frollo users will be able to easily check the rates, fees and extra’s for their financial products in the Frollo app. Users who have linked eligible products will automatically get access to accurate, up to date information about these products using Product Reference Data (PRD) APIs.

PRD product information in Frollo
See product information right in the Frollo app

What's next for PRD APIs?

This is only the first step in using product information in our quest to help people feel good about money. The combination of real time transactional data and accurate, up to date product information is extremely powerful. It allows us to really understand our users’ finances, help them make better financial decisions and get a better deal on their finances.

Whether it’s helping them meet the conditions of their bonus interest savings account, nudging them to pay off a little more on their credit card to avoid fees, or to find a financial product that better suits their situation, it’s all possible and very exciting.

Product information is currently available for all CDR linked transaction accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and personal loans.

Try it for yourself

Download the latest version of the Frollo iOS app to get access to product information.

App screenshots

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