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I’m so tired of talking about money.

Every day, it’s always about how much we need for dinner, for lunch, or even about having enough for takeaway coffee the next day.

I’m so sick of it. Constantly worrying about having enough to pay rent, finding ways to get by, immediately clicking “Request for Extension” when the phone bill comes, saying no whenever colleagues invite to go out for lunch or for drinks after work.

It’s an endless battle of should I or should I not treat myself?

You know you work so hard, but you just can’t seem to catch a break.

You look into getting a second job, maybe even a third just to get ahead. But thinking about losing your rest days is already giving you this dreadful feeling. 

So then you think about the time before all the financial stress. You think about the time you had the funds to enjoy life, live the dream, treat yourself. 

Do you remember what it was like?

Use that feeling to motivate you.

Use that cringing feeling to get you started. Use that energy to say “let’s do it now.”

We’ll only truly get out of this financial rut when we acknowledge the problem and realise there’s something we need to do about it. 

There will be trade-offs, but it will all be worth it when we wake up one day knowing we have disposable funds in our bank account to have brunch with friends.

How Frollo can help

There are free apps that can help us manage your finances. With tools like Frollo, we can manage our finances without the dreadful feeling of counting every single cent. When we take advantage of these tools readily available to us, we can soon find ourselves focusing on what truly matters in our lives.

Frollo is packed with awesome features that will help you understand your spending habits, save money, and achieve your goals. With Frollo’s budgeting feature, you can say yes to treating yourself without feeling guilty. And with continuous use, we won’t ever have to talk about money, ever again, because we’ll be on top of things.

So are you sick of talking about money too? 

Let’s act now so we won’t have to talk about money again.

Download Frollo here.

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