Frollo named Australia’s best Money Management app of 2021

We received some great news this week: the Frollo app was named the best Money Management app of 2021 by finance comparison website Mozo

The expert judges from Mozo thoroughly reviewed Australian apps and compared the following features:

  • The institutions from which you can link your accounts
  • Transaction categorisation
  • Budgeting features
  • Alerts and insights
  • Security

With all that in mind, we’re proud that the Frollo money management app came out on top!

Our team is always working hard to improve the app, and to make it easier for our users to turn around their finances. For instance, last month we released a big update to both Android and iOS, with a completely new budgeting feature, automatic goal tracking and better search functionality.

We also finally launched Open Banking on Android, which is something our users have been asking for since we launched on iOS last year.

So, if you haven’t tried the app yet, download it for free!

The Frollo PFM platform

The Frollo app offers users a way to turn around their finances in a few simple steps. Our Personal Finance Management (PFM) platform enables businesses to do the same for their customers.

Now you can leverage the power of Australia’s best Money Management app by branding your own white label app or integrating our SDKs and APIs into your own app.

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