Frollo money management app

Stay on top of your finances with the Frollo money management app:

  • All your finances in one app. Link your bank accounts, loans, credit cards and superannuation for a full financial overview
  • Powered by Open Banking. Over 100 providers available via Open Banking, for secure data sharing and real-time transaction updates
  • See where your money is going. Automated expense categories, merchant information and bill tracking.
  • Smart money insights. Don’t have enough money to cover upcoming bills? Paying too much on credit card fees? About to miss out on bonus interest? We’ll let you know
  • Tools to improve your finances. Set budgets and financial goals, Frollo tracks and supports your progress with insights and nudges
  • Completely free


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Become your own money manager

See the full picture

All your accounts in one place, updated in real time.

See where your money is going

Set budgets by category and track what you spend

Get insider tips

Score smart savings, great insights and the nudges you need from people getting ahead just like you.

What do our users say?

Frollo is one of the highest rated money management and budgeting apps in Australia. We love feedback!

We’re helping everyday Australians get ahead

We’ve built the simplest way to turn around your finances and help you get ahead.

Download our free money management app and shift the balance.

This is where money gets good

To help you feel good about money, we’ve equipped our app with all the benefits of Open Banking in one place.

Automatic categories

We’ll automatically categorise your spend so it’s easy for you to see where your money is going.

Smart Insights

Smart insights

Get ahead with insights from your customisable dashboard. Choose the information you want to see and the order in which it appears.


Set up a budget in minutes and match to your pay cycle. We’ll track your progress so you’re always on top of your finances.

Automatic goal tracking

Set multiple goals, link them to an account and automatically track your progress.

Automatic bill tracking

Our bill tracker automatically finds your bills and lets you know when they’re coming up, so they don’t surprise you.

Net worth tracking

Strengthen your financial position by seeing the full value of all your assets and liabilities in one easy to read dashboard.

Financial passport

The Financial Passport streamlines the borrowing process by providing lenders a complete overview of your finances.

All in one secure app

At Frollo, we protect the information that you share with us using the same security standards used by all the big Australian banks.

No bank credentials are stored on your phone or with Frollo

We cannot make changes to your financial accounts

We cannot approve payments or transfer funds

We don’t share your personal data with anyone

Securely link your accounts without sharing your password using Open Banking (CDR)

Frollo app - All in one secure place

Click here to read Frollo’s security policy

The Consumer Data Right

The Consumer Data Right

On 1 July 2020 the Consumer Data Right (CDR) launched in Australia, and Frollo was the first personal finance management tool to go live. On the Frollo app, you can now use CDR to harness the power of Open Banking to link your accounts.

For more information on CDR and Open Banking in Australia, please click here.

It’s fast: Linking accounts will take a fraction of the time

It’s up to date: Your transactions will be refreshed in near real-time

It’s regulated: It’s an Australian government led scheme

It’s secure: No need to share your account credentials.

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The simplest way to turn around your finances

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