Frollo PRD Portal

The Frollo Product Reference Data (PRD) portal offers a simple and future proof way for Data Holders to publish compliant Open Banking product data APIs.

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Compliance made easy

The Frollo PRD portal has been designed to turn your PRD obligations into an opportunity through our real-time competitor analysis. Easily compare your products to the market and run reports to find market opportunities.

Publishing Product data APIs

Financial Passport

Publish compliant product APIs without the need for technical expertise

Publishing Product data API icon - simple file upload

Simple file upload enables you to quickly upload multiple products, easily review and edit your product data

Publishing Product data API icon - future proof

Publishing your APIs using the Frollo PRD portal ensures they’re future proofed and maintained to the latest version as Open Banking evolves

PRD POrtal - Features
PRD Portal - Features - Competitors

Open Banking powered product comparison

Our platform houses all of the product data publicly available from other banking providers in the Open Banking ecosystem, so you can conduct market analysis more easily than ever before.

Open Banking Powered product comparison icon - real time

Real time, accurate product data using PRD APIs

Open Banking Powered product comparison icon - easy access

Easy access to over 100 APIs in one view

Open Banking Powered product comparison icon - search, filter, compare

Search, filter and compare financial products

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