Choosing wisely when switching your private health insurance

With private health insurance premiums due to increase on 1 April 2018, now is the ideal time to think about your needs and reassess your policy and premiums.  There are hundreds of policies to choose from, but this makes it very difficult to compare policies and choose the right fit for you and your family.  And health insurance is one area where you need to consider your options carefully to make sure you aren’t left uncovered in the event of an emergency.

Fortunately, the Australian government has taken steps to make the process of comparing and choosing policies much easier – follow the steps below and you’ll be able to make the switch to a better policy without any stress or worry:

Step 1: Understand your existing policy.  If you have an existing policy, download your Standard Information Statement (SIS) document.  This can be obtained from your insurer’s membership portal, or contact your insurer if you can’t find it.  If you already have hospital and extras cover, you might have multiple SIS documents available to download.

This document is a great summary of what you are covered for and what restrictions such as waiting periods may apply – see below for an example SIS.

Step 2: Go to the compare health insurance policies page ( on the website.

Enter your health insurance requirements and if you have an existing policy, select the “I have private health insurance” option, followed by “Find my policy (to compare)”.  You will then be prompted to enter the SIS code of your policy from your SIS document.

Step 3: Complete the rest of the questionnaire, and you will easily be able to compare policies based on your requirements and existing policies.

Step 4: Visit the websites of the insurers you have selected to compare up-to-date pricing.

Step 5: Before choosing a policy or making the switch, review the government’s Right to Change guide and checklist to make sure you have considered all the relevant aspects of your policy (PDF download).

If you follow the steps above you’ll make an informed decision which will give you the piece of mind that you’ve got the right level of cover should you or your family ever fall ill.



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