Finsure Financial Passport

Finsure, Australia’s leading mortgage broker aggregator, has partnered with Frollo and NextGen to provide its brokers access to the Open Banking powered Financial Passport, to collect customer data for use in their loan application process.

This allows its brokers to deliver a marketing-leading service to their customers.

Open Banking solves the problem of data inconsistency and provides transparency across the entire applicant lifecycle. It allows Finsure to build into our CRM platform comprehensive data insight models, which will help brokers make more informed decisions. 

Simon Bednar, CEO, Finsure


Mortgage brokers typically spend a lot of time manually collecting and analysing multiple bank statements, payslips and assets and liabilities to understand their clients’ financial situation. 

Finsure wants to empower their brokers with rich data, enabling them to make much more informed decisions for their customers, help brokers save time, and provide one trusted source of financial information that’s accepted throughout the lending process.


The Frollo Financial Passport  provides Finsure brokers with a complete financial picture of their clients, using bank-verified data as a single source of truth. It includes a view of customers’ income, expenses, assets and liabilities. For clients, using Open Banking data has the benefits of being more secure and providing better privacy protection than traditional alternatives.


Open Banking provides a single source of truth

The Financial Passport saves brokers time and money

Clients can share their data quickly, easily and securely

Financial Passport available instantly

The Financial Passport is available for the broker instantly

We chatted with CEO, Simon Bednar about what Open Banking means for Finsure, watch the video here:

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