The State of Open Banking in Australia – a survey

State of Open Banking in Australia

Over the last few months you may have downloaded our CDR white paper, our ADR checklist or attended one of our Open Banking webinars (or some of you – all of the above 😎).

We hope this content has been useful to you, and we’re excited to share we’ve partnered with NextGen.Net to publish the first report on the State of Open Banking in Australia

Like all of our content, it will be free to download for anyone.

We need your help

We’ll need your help for this one though. The report will partly be based on a survey we’re conducting, and we need your input. The idea is to get a sense of what people in the industry are thinking about CDR.

  • What are the most popular use cases?
  • What are the biggest challenges in making CDR a success?
  • What’s the appetite to become an ADR?

We will collate, segment and analyse all the responses and create an insightful (free) report that shows the state of Open Banking in Australia.

It only takes a few minutes to participate, but it will help a lot.

Take the survey

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