Open Banking - The consumer perspective

Uncovering Australians’ interest in, and concerns with Open Banking powered products and services
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The consumer perspective

Open Banking in Australia is ready for take-off. At least, that’s what the industry thinks. After a few years of laying the pipes and setting the groundwork, most businesses are planning to start offering Open Banking powered experiences this year.

But what about consumers? How do they feel about being in control of their data? Do they share the excitement about these new products and services?

We surveyed a group of 1,066 people representing the Australian population (18+) to find out. 

Most popular Open Banking use cases for consumers
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How do Australians feel about Open Banking?

The report focuses on answering three key questions:

Key consumer insights

This consumer research gives us some powerful insights into how our nation feels about Open Banking and can help you build better, more relevant, and successful use cases for your customers.

Open Banking the consumer perspective key insight 1 - Australians want open banking


Australians want Open Banking-powered products and services

Open Banking the consumer perspective insight 2 - Privacy


Consumers value the privacy and security Open Banking offers

Open Banking the consumer perspective key insight 3 - Trust


Trust has to be built

Open Banking the consumer perspective key insight 4 - Millennials and Gen Z


Millennials and Gen Z are likely the first to get on board

Driving Open Banking success

The opportunity to deliver innovative, personalised products and services with Open Banking is enormous, but it requires its own approach.

The report includes a range of recommendations to  set you up for success in your Open Banking journey.

Open Banking consumer report - Driving Open Banking success

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