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Our Product Reference Data API portal is a simple and future proof way for Data Holders to comply with PRD regulations for Open Banking, plus a real-time competitor landscape analysis.
product reference data portal

Compliance made easy

Financial institutions will be required by the ACCC to comply with the new Open Banking regulations as Data Holders. The first step is making your Product Information available via the Open Banking APIs.

The Frollo Product Reference Data API portal is a simple and secure way to comply with Open Banking requirements, regardless of who your core banking partner is.


PRD Management portal

Our Open Banking ready management portal delivers compliant products APIs without the need for technical expertise

Simple file upload

Quickly upload multiple products, easily review, edit and publish your data to the APIs

Competitor analysis

See Product Data for all participants in the Open Banking scheme. Real time and certified accurate

Future proofed

Your Product APIs will be hosted and maintained by Frollo on AWS. We will maintain the APIs to the latest version as Open Banking evolves

Get started with our Product Reference Data API portal

We’ll have you up and running in one week. Get in touch to request a demo now.

Who we work with

We’re helping Data Holders future proof their PRD compliance and gain a competitive advantage with our PRD portal.

Defence Bank

Why work with us?

Frollo is the first FinTech in Australia to become an Accredited Data Recipient under Open Banking regulations. We’re leading the way to help businesses Comply, Compete and Innovate with Open Banking.​

Compliance made easy

You don’t need to be an engineer to generate a Product API with our solution, it’s designed to help you easily meet your regulatory commitments by translating complex requirements into a simplified solution

Competitor analysis

Our platform houses all of the product data publicly available from other banking providers in the Open Banking ecosystem, so you can conduct market analysis more easily than ever before

Secure & reliable

Once you hit the publish button in our Product Data API portal, it will be instantly made available to the Open Banking standard. We’ll look after the maintenance and extensions of the API as regulation changes

We’re shaping

Open Banking

Open Banking is a game-changer for Australian finance, as customers take control of their data and how it is used. 

As the first FinTech to become an Accredited Data Recipient Frollo will be one of the first to go live with Open Banking in July 2020.

Leverage our experience and gain a competitive advantage with Open Banking. Get in touch to learn how we can help you Comply, Compete and Innovate in an Open Banking world.

We have quite a few


Frollo is the first FinTech to become an Accredited Data Recipient under ACCC Open Banking regulations. And received great recognition for the work we’re doing from MetLife Foundation, Finder, EY and FinTech Australia.

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