Banks, mutuals and credit unions

Enhance your banking experience and deliver better customer outcomes

Use Open Banking to provide impactful money management features and streamlined credit applications 

Better digital banking experience with Open Banking

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Streamlined and personalised experiences

Improve your banking experience by providing customers with the ability to share real-time transaction data with you from over 100 financial institutions.

Streamline credit applications and improve your affordability assessments. Show your customers their full financial picture and help them make better financial decisions. 

Frollo makes this easy.

Engage customers

Deliver personalised financial insights and engaging money management features

Improve financial well-being

Help customers budget, set goals, track their progress and figure out how to improve

Increase efficiency

Fast-track customer onboarding and streamline credit decisions with real-time financial customer profiles

61% of Australians want to see all of their finances in one place.

Money management and financial well-being

Give your customers the data, insights and tools they need to manage their money and improve their financial well-being. Integrated in your banking app, or in a special financial wellbeing app.

A complete financial overview

Income and spend categorisation

Smart money insights and behavioural nudges

Frollo P&N Features - Personal Finance Management

Tools to budget and set financial goals

The average Frollo user:

23% personal loan reduction

Reduces personal loan debt by 23% in 6 months

13% credit card debt reduction

Reduces credit card debt by 13% in 6 months

11% savings increase

Increases savings by 11% in 3 months

59% of Australians want to use Open Banking to streamline their mortgage application.

Efficient and responsible lending

Streamline credit applications and decisions by making it easy for customers to provide a complete, up-to-date picture of their finances.

Quick and easy process for customers, reducing friction

Real-time, bank-verified data, directly into your systems

Mapped against your lending categories (LIXI based or otherwise), making it easy to measure affordability and risk, saving resources and manual work

Customer onboarding, balance checks and bank switching

The possibilities to deliver better customer outcomes with Open Banking data are endless.

Configure our modular platform to suit your needs. Just need the raw transaction data? Want it categorised? Or are you looking for an API that delivers specific insights to build your use case?

Build with Australia’s most advanced and reliable Open Banking platform.

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The only end-to-end Open Banking platform

Open Banking Platform

A modular, end-to-end solution for Data Recipients


Connect to 90+ banks with an out of the box, customisable consent flow, data sharing dashboard and advanced user management portal.


Categorise transactions, detect bills, classify merchants and verify income with market leading accuracy.


Plug & Play access to Open banking powered solutions for lending, personal finance management and customer onboarding.

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