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Improving financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is an integral part of any banking, lending or wealth management solution. By integrating our Personal Finance Management (PFM) features, businesses can help their customers better manage their finances, businesses and increase customer engagement & retention.

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Leverage our Money Management platform for a proven, impactful and innovative user experience

Have it your way

Get a branded white label app or integrate our SDKs and APIs into your own app

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Launch your app and deploy new features rapidly and with minimal effort.


The development and availability of a consumer finance app is an important part of ensuring our brokers and their customers have the best opportunity to participate in the benefits of open banking as it builds across the market.

David Bailey, CEO, AFG

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Money Management platform features

We’ve built the simplest way for people to turn around their finances, and with the Frollo Money Management platform we’re enabling you to do the same for your customers.

Real-time financial overview

Provide your customers with a full, real-time overview of their finances using Open Banking and our AI powered data enrichment engine.

Transaction accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, superannuation and more

Transactions are categorised and enriched with merchant name, logo and insights

Automatic bill, salary and payday detection

Real-time financial product information including rates, fees and benefits

Financial wellbeing tools

Provide your customers with a full, real-time overview of their finances using Open Banking and our AI powered data enrichment engine.

Budgeting by spend category, with suggested budgets based on historical spend

Set and personalise savings goals, link an account and automatically track progress

Smart insights

AI powered smart insights to help your customers better understand their financial position and take steps to improve. 

People like you: Users can compare their finances to a benchmark of people like them

Safe to spend: Forecast how much they can safely spend

Monthly review: A monthly overview report of their income, expenses and savings

Bonus interest: Help them make the most of their financial products by warning them if they're about to lose out on their savings bonus interest

Next Best Product: Show them the impact of switching to other products

Money Management your way

Leverage the Frollo Money Management platform to speed up your development, reduce cost and provide your customers with market leading PFM features – your way.

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White label

Launch a market leading PFM solution in no-time. Select the features you want, apply your branding and you’re good to go.

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Integrate our Android and iOS SDKs into your app and pick the features you want to use. Customise our out of the box UI / UX or build your own.

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Use our well-documented, powerful APIs to power the Money Management features in your app.

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