Data Enrichment API

Truly understand where the money is going by turning transaction data into insights using AI.

Data Enrichment API

Turn raw transaction data into meaningful insights using our AI, to improve lending decisions, user experience and customer insights.

Our data enrichment engine can be applied to any transaction database, regardless of the data source.

categorisation accuracy

Market leading accuracy

With 95% categorisation accuracy you can confidently build products using our insights.


One single API

All you need is one API. Send us your transaction data and you'll have it back within seconds, categorised and enriched. It's that simple.

Constantly improving

Our AI powered models are constantly learning and improving based on new data.

Multi data source solution

Use Open Banking data, screen scraping, direct API's or all of the above, with consistent performance across all data sources.

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Use cases

Personal finance management
Show your customers where their money is going, give them personalised insights and allow them to set goals & budgets.
Make better credit decisions, reduce risk and defaults based on an accurate understanding of your customers’ Income & Expenses.
Provide your customers with smart and actionable insights based on their financial situation.


Build your own unique customer journeys and products with AI-powered Data Enrichment API

1. Transaction categorisation

Add context to transactions by grouping them into meaningful categories.

2. Bill detection

Automatically detect regular transactions like rent, utilities and subscriptions

3. Merchant classification

Identify merchants and enrich them with relevant information

4. Identify income

Find and classify incoming salary payments automatically

5. Customisation

Control the categories and icons you want to use, and customise branding

Case studies

We’re helping neobanks, traditional banks, Fintechs, lenders and employers get ahead of the competition with our B2B solutions. Here are some examples of partners and the challenges we’ve helped them with.

Volt Labs


Volt Bank was waiting for APRA approval to launch core banking products and didn’t yet have an app in market. They wanted to engage the community of early adopters signed up as beta customers and start building products based on learnings from users.


By launching a ‘labs app’ with Frollo, the neobank was able to start more meaningful co-creation conversations and product testing with their beta customers and pre-seed their new account opening pipeline with a deeper level of customer data.



Volt Bank

Volt bank logo black white


After launching their savings account, Volt Bank was looking to launch a feature inside the Volt Bank app to help their customers develop a saving habit.


Volt Bank used the Frollo SDKs to quickly integrate the proven PFM functionality Frollo offers.
Frollo supplemented the Volt iOS and Android teams with developers to accelerate the integration of the SDK. They also integrated user authentication and transaction enrichment at this stage, making it easy to rapidly roll out new features.


Volt Bank was able to quickly launch their goals feature, using the Frollo SDK to integrate in their app.



Providing financial wellbeing tools to their customers using a Frollo white label app.

speckle loans


Speckle is an Australian not-for-profit, providing small loans for life’s expenses. They were looking for a way to help their customers better understand their finances and pay down their debts.


The Frollo lending whitelabel app gives Speckles’ customers the full picture of their finances, by integrating with their loan management system as well as aggregating other accounts and loans their customers have.

The personalised ‘debt journey’ helps their customers on their way to pay down debt and turn around their finances.

Home Loan Ready


An Australian Tier 1 lender wanted to help its customers feel more confident about being able to afford potential mortgage repayments, while at the same time acquire additional data to support their lending decisions.


The Home Loan Ready app challenges users to prove that they will make future repayments should they take on a new or increased home loan. The app enables users to set the size of future home loan payments, Frollo then tracks their goal payments and the user’s comfort-level with that commitment.

The lender was able to use this data for insights into share of wallet, potential loan size, savings and timing for loan offers.

Developer Portal

Looking for the nuts and bolts of our Data Enrichment API? Check out the developer portal for more technical details.

Other products

Our SaaS Integration platform sits at the core of the Frollo ecosystem, bringing together our AI engine, API’s, partner integrations and Open Banking solutions. 


One API to create a single customer view

Data Enrichment

Turn raw transaction data into insights using AI


Personalised and actionable financial insights

Financial wellbeing score

One simple score and steps to turn finances around


Smart budgeting with powerful data visualisation

Frollo dashboard screen

People like you

Powerful community-driven insights for users

Goals & challenges

Improve financial wellbeing by tracking progress

Bill tracker

Help users stay on track of regular payments

Product switching

Better outcomes with more relevant offers for users

Journey builder

Build personalised, omnichannel user journeys

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