Data Enrichment API

Make better decisions by using our AI powered data enrichment engine to categorise transactions, identify merchants and recognise regular payments.

Frollo Data Enrichment API

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Turning transaction data into insights

Transaction data holds the key to better lending decisions, and can provide valuable insights for customers to get ahead. But using it effectively can be challenging.

The solution? The Frollo Data Enrichment API. We instantly turn raw transaction data from Open Banking or your core banking solution into insights by categorising transactions, classifying merchants and identifying income.

Marketing leading accuracy

A 98% match rate and 95% categorisation accuracy so you can confidently build your products using our AI.

Multi-data source solution

Connect to Open Banking, your core banking solution or both, with consistent performance across all data sources.

One single API

All you need is one API. Send us your transaction data and you’ll have it back within seconds, categorised and enriched.

Constantly improving

Our AI powered models are always learning and improving based on new data to enhance customer experience.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Frollo to provide our customers with actionable insights on their spending and savings habits, to help them take control of their financial wellbeing in an engaging and rewarding way.

Greg Boyle, CEO, Virgin Money Australia​

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Key Features

Transaction categorisation

Add context to transactions by grouping them into meaningful categories.

Bill detection

Automatically detect regular transactions like rent, utilities and subscriptions.


Control the categories and icons you want to use, and customise branding.

Merchant classification

Identify merchants and enrich them with relevant information.

Identify income and expenses

Automatically classify salary payments as income and group expenses into ‘living’ and ‘lifestyle’.

Benchmarking our transaction categorisation

We’re always working to improve our Data Enrichment engine, tweaking the rules, expanding our merchant lists, providing feedback on our Machine Learning algorithms and much more.

As part of this process we also look at our competitors and benchmark our performance. And we’re proud to say we’re doing quite well.

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Data enrichment features - Transaction categorisation benchmark

Data Enrichment API use cases

Financial account information can be a powerful source of insights into customer needs and behaviour, and it can help improve the customer journey and drive more meaningful interactions.
Some of the most popular use cases are:

Financial passport use case Lending


Make better credit decisions, reduce risk and defaults based on an accurate understanding of your customers Income & Expenses

Personal Finance Management

Show your customers where their money is going, give them personalised insights and allow them to set goals & budgets.

Actionable insights

Provide your customers with smart and actionable insights based on their financial situation.

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