CDR Gateway

Instant and reliable access to CDR data from over 90 financial institutions and plug & play access to Open Banking powered use cases.

CDR Gateway

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The Frollo CDR Gateway

The Frollo CDR Gateway powers Open Banking experiences for NAB, REA Group and many others.

The experience of over 20 Million Open Banking API calls to date has enabled us to improve the platform and deliver a better, more reliable experience for you and your customers.

Proven and reliable

The CDR Gateway has been live in market since 1 July 2020, reliably powering Open Banking customer experiences.

End-to-end solution

Plug & play access to our Data Enrichment engine and Open Banking powered solutions for pfm, lending and customer onboarding.

Advanced features

Out of the box access to advanced reporting and user management features. Support for multiple software products and consent types.

Testimonial - p&n Bank

Consumer trust is going to be a key element in the take-up of this new way of banking and partnering with a trusted organisation like Frollo sets us on the right path from the outset.

Phil Thistlethwaite, Chief Transformation Officer, P&N Group

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CDR Gateway Features

The CDR gateway is a complete solution to collect and use CDR data, with access to Open Banking powered solutions for lending, multi-banking and personal finance management.

Consent management

A user friendly, end-to-end consent process available on web and app.

Customise the consent duration for your use case, from one-time consent up to 12 months

Data sharing dashboard for users to see and manage consents

Automated consent renewal notifications

Data aggregation

Fast and reliable access to CDR data from more than 90 banks.

Instant access to all live Data Holders, with new banks and products added as they become available

Resilience is built into the platform, including back-off algorithms to improve reliability

Real time user initiated data refresh, plus optional background data refresh up to 6 times per day

Advanced features

Australia’s most advanced Open Banking platform offers a range of features for reporting, user management and customising the user experience.

Out of the box detailed reporting on consents, users and performance

Advanced user management features and detailed information to investigate customer support questions

Configure consent options, select available providers, customise branding and much more to build the perfect user experience for your customers

Plug & play use case integrations

The CDR Gateway offers plug & play access to a range of Open Banking powered features, to help you build your use case.

Our Data Enrichment API turns raw transaction data into insights, by categorising transactions, classifying merchants and identifying regular income and expenses

Offer your customers a full suite of financial wellbeing and banking tools with our Money Management platform

Streamline your lending decisions with a real-time snapshot of your customer’s finances, using our Financial Passport

CDR Gateway use cases

Use Open Banking data to build innovative, personalised user experiences and deliver more value to your customers.

Financial passport use case Lending


Use structured, accurate financial information to streamline your credit decisions.



Offer your customers the full picture of their finances within your banking app.

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding

Streamline your customer onboarding by using bank verified customer information.

Personal finance management

Personal finance management

Enrich your customer experience with real-time financial insights and money management tools

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Plug & Play access to Open banking powered solutions for lending, personal finance management and customer onboarding.

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