CDR Gateway

Leverage our experience and technology to become an ADR and gain a competitive advantage with Open Banking data.
CDR Gateway

Key Features

The Frollo CDR gateway takes care of the complete process of managing consent and collecting CDR data and gives you access to the full suite of B2B solutions within the Frollo SaaS Integration platform.

PRD api overview

CDR data collection

Collect CDR data from Data Holders on your customers’ behalf, with real time user initiated updates and up to 6 background refreshes per day.

Multi data source aggregation

One API for CDR, screen scraping and direct bank APIs for a complete
financial picture.

Direct access to Frollo SaaS Integration platform

The CDR gateway is part of our SaaS Integration platform, giving you plug & play access to our PFM features, Income & Expense and marketplace integrations.

Market leading transaction enrichment

Plug into our AI powered Data Enrichment engine and turn CDR data into insights, with 95% categorisation accuracy.

Consent management

A compliant consent management journey following ACCC CX guidelines: Consent collection, bank connections
& token management and consent withdrawal.

Key Benefits

CDR in a box

Easy to integrate API & SDK toolbox

Broad coverage

Easily supplement CDR data with other data sources

Proven technology

Our CDR technology is accredited and live in market under CDR rules

Leading the charge

Get access to new providers and products as they become available

Get started with our CDR Gateway

What will you build? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities or schedule a demo.

Use cases

How it works

1. Customer consent

  • Collect and manage consent from your customer to collect their data

2. Connect to Data Holder

  • Connect with the Data Holder to access your customers’ data, authenticate your identity and accreditation status

3. Authentication

  • The Data Holder authenticates the identity of the customer

4. Authorisation

  • The customer authorises the Data Holder to disclose their data to you

5. Data sharing

  • The customer’s data is shared with you by the Data Holder

Case studies

We’re helping neobanks, traditional banks, Fintechs, lenders and employers get ahead of the competition with our B2B solutions. Here are some examples of partners and the challenges we’ve helped them with.

Other products

Our SaaS Integration platform sits at the core of the Frollo ecosystem, bringing together our AI engine, API’s, partner integrations and Open Banking solutions. 


One API to create a single customer view

Data Enrichment

Turn raw transaction data into insights using AI


Personalised and actionable financial insights

Financial wellbeing score

One simple score and steps to turn finances around


Smart budgeting with powerful data visualisation

Frollo dashboard screen

People like you

Powerful community-driven insights for users

Goals & challenges

Improve financial wellbeing by tracking progress

Bill tracker

Help users stay on track of regular payments

Product switching

Better outcomes with more relevant offers for users

Journey builder

Build personalised, omnichannel user journeys

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