Virgin Money Australia

Frollo's PFM platform delivers money management and financial wellbeing features in VMA's new digital banking app.

Helping our customers prosper and achieve their financial goals is at the heart of the Virgin Money digital banking experience. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Frollo to provide our customers with actionable insights on their spending and savings habits, to help them take control of their financial wellbeing in an engaging and rewarding way.

Greg Boyle, Virgin Money CEO


In 2020 Virgin Money announced they were going to launch a new digital bank and shake up the market. They were looking to differentiate by integrating innovative digital money management and financial wellbeing features in their app.


Using the Frollo PFM platform APIs, Virgin Money has been able to rapidly deploy AI powered categorisation, spend breakdown & insights, goal setting, bill tracking and budgeting to their new app.
In March 2021 Virgin Money launched their hotly anticipated new bank, which will set a new standard for Australian banking – customer relationships.


The Frollo PFM Platform

Help your customers turn around their finances by providing them with a market leading Personal Finance Management solution.

Integrate our features into your own app using SDKs and APIs, or get your own white label app.

PFM - Financial wellbeing tools
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