Canstar Money Management app

Canstar, Australia’s biggest financial comparison site has launched its first Money Management app, powered by Frollo.


Canstar Money Management app

Helping our customers in every way we can to make better money decisions is the driving force behind the launch of our app. We already have tools that enable customers to check their credit score and to see if they are likely to qualify for a product, so the ability to see all their banking in one place is a great addition. 

We are thrilled to now be working with Frollo and are excited about the opportunities this first foray into PFM solutions signals for Canstar customers.

Sara Tweedly, Group Executive, Digital and Marketing, Canstar


Canstar identified Personal Finance Management and Open Banking in particular, as an exciting opportunity to further help customers to make better money decisions.

They were looking for a partner who could help them quickly launch an app with market leading features and integrated Canstar offers, to start learning from customer behaviour before launching Open Banking functionality.


Using the Frollo Money Management Platform, Canstar was able to build their own Personal Finance app in less than 8 weeks, launching with an impressive feature set including spend tracking, AI-powered insights, bill tracking, budgeting, goals and Canstar offers.

By launching the app using traditional account aggregation, Canstar was able to quickly start learning from user feedback on the customer experience. At a later stage they will be able to seamlessly enable Open Banking powered account linking, providing real time transaction updates for their users.


Spend tracking

Canstar features - AI categorisation

AI powered categorisation

Smart Insights

Smart Money Insights

Volt and AFG Features - Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management

Budgeting and financial goals

Canstar features - Offers

Exclusive offers and content

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