The keys to achieving your long term goals

Have you set your financial goals for the year? Kept to your new year’s resolutions? If you’re having trouble getting started – here are the secrets – To set and achieve your long-term goals, you have to 1) get started with short term goals first and 2) use an app to help you get there. Here’s why:

Long term goals are out in the future and can be hard to feel progress towards. Short term goals are smaller and easier to work towards and give you a sense of achievement, helping you build the habits and skills necessary to work towards your long term goals.

This is why we build Frollo Goals and Challanges. When you set a long term goal in Frollo, you are automatically prompted to set short term challenges.

It’s similar to the “Couch to 5 km” philosophy used by running apps and coaches. It takes time to build up your motivation and fitness to run your first 5km. So these apps typically give you the tips and techniques to run your first kilometre – and progressively work you up to your long term 5km goal.

It’s a pragmatic approach which trains your mind and (in this case) body to hit short term milestones by learning from failure and celebrating success.

So, if you’re the goal is to save for a holiday or house, don’t procrastinate: get started by saving $100 this week. And as these articles recommend, using an app to set and track your goals will dramatically improve your chances of success. “One-quarter of New Year’s resolutions are broken because of a failure to track ongoing progress.”

For example, start a Frollo challenge to save coffee or eat-in a few times a week versus going out. For more ideas, our CEO and Founder, Gareth Gumbley recently shared his ways to save $10k with

If you’re still stuck, we like this approach of making a list of reasons why you think you can’t get started today and then work through solutions for each.

You will have weeks and months when you don’t achieve your goals – that’s OK, if you start small and build the right habits and skills, in the long run, you will definitely get there.

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