A simple overview of all PRD APIs

prd api overview

If you’ve been following us over the last few months, you know we’re very excited about the Consumer Data Right (CDR). It gives consumers control over their data and how it is used, and will drive innovation and competition. Initially in the Australian financial sector (open banking), later in Energy and Telecom.

Two types of data are available through open banking: Product data and transaction data.

Product data is information about products (fees, rates, types etc.) that data holders are required to publish through so called Product Reference Data (PRD) APIs.

As the deadline for data holders to publish these APIs (1 October 2020) comes closer, more and more data holders are publishing their APIs. 

At Frollo, we’re integrating these APIs in our B2C app and SaaS Integration platform to power our insights and help users get a better deal on their finances. We’re also integrating these APIs in our PRD Portal, which helps businesses easily publish their own APIs as well as get a real-time analysis of their competitors’ products.

There are many different use cases for Product Reference Data (read our CDR white paper for more ideas), but it starts with knowing where to find the APIs.

We’ve put together a simple overview with all API base urls we know of, including instructions on how to use the APIs. 

We’ll continue to update this overview, so if you know of any APIs that aren’t included, please let us know.

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