How to boost your savings in three months

Within the last three months, Frollo users who have constantly used the app have increased their savings by 15%.

In fact, our data shows that users who started out drowning in debt are now in a better financial position.

Additionally, those who are interested in growing their savings have seen exponential growth because they didn’t need to touch their money.

If they can do it, so can you.

So how can Frollo help you?


1. Goals Creation

Having a clear goal will help you define where you want to go. Think of it as the way you’d set your end destination when embarking on a journey. By setting a goal in Frollo, you can be reminded of the things that you are trying to achieve. Insights are available for you to see how close you are to achieving this goal. This will boost your motivation and keep you going. Before you know it, you will already have reached your goal and have more savings imaginable.

2. Budgeting

You’ve already heard this before. Budgeting is fundamental to save more money. Frollo makes it easy to set up your budget within 5 minutes. Every month, you can key in your income, living expenses, and lifestyle expenses. By setting your budget, Frollo will know your limit for each type of expense and alert you right away if you’re overspending. You also get immediate on-the-go insights on how much you have left to spend for each category. 

3. Spending Insights

Being aware of your spending habits will help you identify where you can improve. Frollo offers detailed insights so you know exactly where you can decrease your spending. Our expense tracker with personalised tagging will help you to see where your money is actually going.  For example, you can immediately how much you’ve spent on the same cafe for the whole month. You can also see how many times you’ve shopped online, that might have caused you to overspend. Gaining insights regarding your spending habits will help you make conscious decisions on how to save more money.

4. Transaction Tagging

Tracking your expenses is also a key factor in saving more money. You can use the tagging feature and set your own categories so you can better track expenses related to each other. For example, you can use the hashtag #TreatYourself on the transactions you’ve done when you did your retail therapy. You can also use #NightOut for the times you went out with your friends. By tagging these transactions, you can immediately see how much you tend to spend on what.

5. Challenge Accepted

Many Frollo users boosted their savings by completing the challenges available in the app. These savings challenges include things like limiting money spent on takeaway coffees, using public transportation instead of taking Ubers, and cancelling Netflix or other subscriptions for a month. These challenges may only bring a small win each time. But all the small wins add up to achieving your goal.

The Bottom Line

If getting out of debt or simply getting ahead financially is part of your goal, then make the most of the Frollo app and its features today.

Got money-saving tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them from you!

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