Citi partners with Frollo to test its Open Banking systems

We’re excited to announce that we will be performing Data Holder Testing for Citi, to ensure their CDR Data Holder solution is compliant with CDR rules.

As the July deadline to become a Data Holder comes into view, Citi is implementing their solution to enable their customers to share CDR data with Accredited Data Recipients. 

Testing is an important part of this process, to ensure the solution complies with CDR rules and delivers a high quality customer experience.

Frollo’s Data Holder testing solution focuses on a combination of powerful and proven testing technology with hundreds of codified testing scenarios, operated by experienced engineers able to understand and triage any errors that come up.

Frollo CIO Tony Thrassis says: “Getting your Data Holder solution right is important, as it will save you time, money and headaches in the future. It’s never been truer than in Open Banking that testing must be part of a quality process.

New CDR standards and CDR rules mean that compliance testing is an additional burden to the suite of functional and non-functional tests that are usually performed. We’re excited that Citi has chosen to work with Frollo to thoroughly test their technology for compliance and user experience.”

Learn more about how Frollo can help your business comply, compete and innovate with Open Banking.

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