Are Australian Open Banking APIs up to the task?

2021 performance data reveals that most - but not all - Open Banking APIs are fast and reliable

Using data from over 15 Million API calls on the Frollo Open Banking platform, we’ve compared speed and – for the first time ever – reliability of Australian Open Banking APIs. Only ‘Live’ Data Holders with a sufficient number of API calls were included in this analysis.

On average, the API response time in 2021 was 0.86 seconds and the reliability was 98.8%. Neobank Up led the charge, with an average response time of 0.26 seconds and 99.88% reliability of their Open Banking APIs in 2021..

API performance remains stable as the ecosystem grows

From July to December the number of live Data Holders included in Frollo’s Open Banking API analysis increased from 11 to 40. Despite this growth, the average industry performance remained stable. API response times averaged below one second and reliability never dropped below 98%.

Up is the fastest and most reliable Data Holder in 2021

With an average response time of 0.26 seconds and 99.88% reliability across all Open Banking APIs, neobank, Up outperformed all other Data Holders in 2021.

Eight of the 25 Data Holders made it into the bottom right quadrant of fast (< 1 second) and reliable  (98%+) as represented in the graph below. Meanwhile, five Data Holders took more than two seconds to respond, with a reliability of less than 96%.

Neobanks are up to 36x faster than slowest Data Holders

Although industry averages show a fast and reliable ecosystem, a closer look at the two most popular APIs (for collecting transaction data and account information) shows a big difference between the front runners and some of the slower Data Holders.

Neobank Up had an average response time for the Accounts API of 0.11 seconds. That’s more than 36x faster than HSBC, which took 4.05 seconds to respond on average.

11 Data Holders, including 86:400, bcu and Beyond Bank, responded in 0.5 seconds or less when their Transactions for accounts API was called. MyState Bank took close to 4 seconds, or almost 5x as long as the leaders.

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